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3.MAJ RECOGNITIO OF TEST LABORATORY 01-012422 / 016767 2017-11-04
APAVE SEE Mechanical and tehnological testings of materials and welded joints 01-010034 / 016854 2017-10-03
Brodosplit Laboratorij Field of approval: - Non-destructive testing of metals and welded joints - Testing of metallic materials - Testing of oils and water - Metallographic testing of metals and welded joints - Testing of welders - Testing of anticorrosive protection 02-002084 / 023827 2019-12-16
BRODOTROGIR d.d. Test laboratory for testing of materials and welded joints. 01-011672 / 018044 2020-08-03
CROATIAINSPECT d.o.o. Field of approval: - radiographical testings - digital radiographic examination of pipe wall thickness - ultrasonic testings - magnetic particle testings - dye penetrant testings - testing of the dielectric strength on the insulating layers - testing of the leakage by vacuum method - testing of the anticorrosive protection - testing of professional ability of welders 02-002271 / 024145 2021-06-08
ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ - CENTAR ZA ISTRAŽIVANJE I RAZVOJ 1.Mechanical and technological testings of materials 2.Metallographic analysis of metals and welded joints 3.Chemical testing of materials 4.Testing of metals and welded joints by non-destructive methods 5.Testing of welders ability 6.Testing of quality of welded joints and consumables for welding and testing of weldability 7.Testing of welding procedure specifications 8.Testing of the anticorrosive protection 02-002263 / 024156 2021-07-02
FELIS PRODUKTI d.o.o. 1. Testing of chemical composition of materials 2. Testing of mechanical properties of material (strength, hardness, impact energy 3. Testing of materials by non-destructive methods (magnetic particles, ultrasonic, penetrants) 02-001717 / 023609 2018-05-16
L T M -Heat treatment (stress relieving and normalizing) -Gauging of furnaces for heat treatment 02-002062 / 023838 2019-06-24
L T M Tests for electric cables under fire conditions – Circuit integrity. CEI IEC 60331-21 Tests for electric cables under fire conditions – Circuit integrity. CEI IEC 60331-1 01-010423 / 017164 2018-05-17
L T M Materials non-combustibility test. Fire resistance tests for “A”, “B” and “F” class divisions. Fire test for fire door control systems. Fire test for surface flammability (test for surface materials and primary deck coverings). Test for fire-resisting divisions of high-speed craft. 01-010379 / 017164 2018-05-17
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