Interval d.o.o.  

Street: Pešćićići 19
City: Viškovo
Post code: 51216
Country: Hrvatska
Short title: Interval d.o.o.

Manufacturer's Certificates

Field of approvalDocumentDue date
Command item
FIELD OF APPROVAL: - Installation, maintenance and testing of electrical installations, - Insulation resistance measurement, - Installation, maintenance and testing of rotating electrical machines, - Installation, maintenance and testing of ship’s electronic and automation systems. 03-001802 / 031506 2025-03-01
FIELD OF APPROVAL: Production of the following ship's equipment and systems: 1.Technical documentation of - electrical installations - automation systems - signalisation - fire detection 2.Electrical switchboards 3.Automation, communication and signalisation 03-001803 / 031506 2025-03-01
Inspection and maintenance of fire detection systems on board ships 03-001809 / 031507 2025-04-30
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