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3. MAJ BRODOGRADILIŠTE d.d. Welding works in shipbuilding, ship engineering, the structural steel construction and equipment for the processing industry. 01-011310 / 017851 2019-04-15
3. MAJ MOTORI I DIZALICE d.d. Field of approval: Welding works in shipbuilding, ship engineering, on the structural steel construction and equipment for the processing industry. 01-011367 / 017883 2019-04-15
3.MAJ-TIBO D.D. Field of approval: Manufacture of fire-resisting ship’s “A” and “B” class doors and “B” class bulkheads and ceilings. 01-010703 / 017348 2019-02-11
ADRIACINK d.d. Field of approval: Protection against corrosion by hot dip galvanising 01-010538 / 017259 2018-10-15
ADRIATIC YACHT Repair of boats and yachts made of fiber reinforced termo setting resins. 01-011837 / 018367 2020-11-14
AEDA INC d.o.o. Field of approval: The manufacture of boats and other products of glass fibre rainforced plastic for application in shipbuilding. 01-010592 / 017058 2018-12-08
AGENA MARIN d.o.o. The manufacture, repairing and maintenance ships and other products fabricated from glass reinforced polyester and similar materials. 01-010977 / 017596 2019-07-28
AKRIPOL d.d. - manufacture of cast polyamide , semiproducts and finish products, 01-010575 / 017282 2018-11-10
Albatros Marine d.o.o. Manufacture of floating pontoons. 01-010631 / 017281 2018-11-23
ALISKAF d.o.o. Manufacture and repair of small crafts and yachts up to 24 m made of fiber-reinforced thermosetting resins. Production is carried out by vacuum infusion procedure and hand lay-up procedure. 01-012119 / 018369 2021-04-21
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