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3. MAJ BRODOGRADILIŠTE d.d. Welding works in shipbuilding, ship engineering, the structural steel construction and equipment for the processing industry. 01-013752 / 0110207 2022-10-16
AB Volvo Penta Manufacturing of marine diesel engines 02-003079 / 024905 2025-11-17
ADRIA DOCKS d.o.o. Welding works in shipbuilding, ship repair and ship engineering, on the steel and aluminium alloy constructions subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping. The approval is also in accordance with the CRS Rules for the Classification of Sea-Going Ships, Part 26-Welding; requirements of HRN EN ISO 3834-3. 01-013370 / 019899 2022-04-12
ADRIACINK d.o.o. Approval of the manufacturer. Protection against corrosion by hot dip galvanising. 01-013073 / 019606 2022-10-17
ADRIATIC PROPELERI The scope of approval: Manufacture of ship’s propellers diameter up to 1600 mm, 02-003042 / 025055 2024-07-30
AEDA INC d.o.o. MANUFACTURER APPROVAL 01-014066 / 019665 2024-05-26
AGENA MARIN d.o.o. The manufacture of below listed boats of glass reinforced polyester with hand lay up and vacuum infusion technology. 1. The manufacture of recreational, commercial and public boats and yachts. 2. Reparing of boats and yachts 01-013727 / 0110195 2023-07-28
AKRIPOL d.d. - manufacture of cast polyamide (PA-G), semiproducts and finish products, - mechanical finishing of cast polyamide, - manufacture of cast PMMA sheets, - finishing of cast PMMA sheets, 01-013301 / 019641 2022-11-10
Albatros Marine d.o.o. Manufacture of floating pontoons and floating breakwaters. 01-013122 / 019652 2022-11-23
ALBINESE S.R.L. The scope of approval: The manufacture of castings for propellers made of Copper Alloy Castings in grade CU1 and CU3 (Maximum Mass: 1000 kg) 02-003040 / 024907 2024-08-26
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