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P.B.S. d.o.o. Production of the following ship's equipment and systems: 1. Technical documentation of - electrical installations - automation systems - signalisation 2. Electrical switchboards 3. Uređaji automatike 4. Communication equipment 5. Signalisation equipment 6. Fire detection equipment 7. Software for ship's automation system brodske sustave automatizacije 03-001620 / 031317 2022-02-13
PAKLENI OTOCI d.o.o. Welding works in shipbuilding, on constructionsof aluminium alloys subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping. The approval is also in accordance with the CRS Rules for the Classification of Ships, Part 26-Welding; requirements of HRN EN ISO 3834-4. 4 01-014586 / 0111026 2024-02-21
PASTOR - TVA d.d. Manufacture of fire extinguishers for use on board ships. 01-013406 / 019931 2023-03-27
PCE d.o.o. - Elaboration of preliminary, main and workmanship documentation for installation of electronic devices and units on floating and stationary objects - Development and elaboration of software and hardware to integrate electronic devices and units of different manufacturers and various technologies - Development and elaboration of different hardwares for wider application on floating objects (regulation units controlled by microcontrollers and microcomputer) - Development and manufacture of hardware with wider application on floating objects - Manufacture of different types of electronic devices and units in accordance with own or other documentation 03-001657 / 031377 2022-10-12
PMP NAUTIKA APPROVAL OF THE MANUFACTURER 01-013540 / 019948 2023-06-18
PORAT d.o.o. APPROVAL OF THE MANUFACTURER 01-013646 / 0110118 2099-01-01
PROFIL INOX d.o.o. Proizvodnja i popravak plovila izrađenih od drva postupkom lijepljenja drvenih ploča, te opločenja vanjske oplate u nekoliko hladno lijepljenih slojeva s epoksidnim smolama. 01-013125 / 018636 2022-11-22
PROPELER SERVIS d.o.o. Field of approval: Design, production and repair of propellers, Liquid penetrant testing of propellers. 02-002920 / 024916 2024-03-09
Propelo d.o.o. Field of approval: Manufacture of ship’s propellers diameter up to 800 mm. Manufacture of ship’s propulsion shafts diameter up to 60 mm and length up to 4000 mm. 02-002721 / 024631 2023-05-24
RADEŽ Field of approval: Welding works in shipbuilding and ship engineering, on the steel and aluminium alloy constructions. 01-013436 / 019935 2022-05-22
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