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OBLIKOVANJE PROSTORA d.o.o. The manufacture of safety glass panes for ship´s side scuttles and windows. 01-010598 / 017309 2018-11-25
Obrt LEIDI The manufacture and repairing of components made of fiber-reinforced reaction resins 01-010812 / 017462 2019-05-11
ODISEJ Podobnost za recikliranje / uništavanje ribarskih plovila hrvatske državne pripadnosti, mase do 300 t, dužine do 40 m za plovila od čelika, aluminija, drva i stakloplastike. 01-011065 / 017651 2019-09-29
ODISEJ Field of approval: The ability for performing of welding works in shipbuilding and shipengineering for the constructions subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping 01-011958 / 018478 2019-12-17
P.B.S. d.o.o. Production of the following ship's equipment and systems: 1. Technical documentation of - electrical installations - automation systems - signalisation 2. Electrical switchboards 3. Uređaji automatike 4. Communication equipment 5. Signalisation equipment 6. Fire detection equipment 7. Software for ship's automation system brodske sustave automatizacije 03-001620 / 031317 2022-02-13
PAKLENI OTOCI d.o.o. Welding works in shipbuilding, on constructionsof aluminium alloys subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping. The approval is also in accordance with the CRS Rules for the Classification of Ships, Part 26-Welding; requirements of HRN EN ISO 3834-4. 01-012643 / 019140 2021-02-21
PAKLENI OTOCI d.o.o. Manufacturing of boats made of aluminium alloys. 01-011214 / 017776 2020-01-19
PASTOR - TVA d.d. Field of approval: Manufacture of fire extinguishers for use on board ships. 01-010833 / 017458 2019-03-27
PLEPER - METAFLEX d.o.o. Field of approval: Manufacture of the elbows and reducers for ship's pipings. 02-002016 / 023544 2019-07-06
PMP NAUTIKA The manufacture of Zn- anodes for anticorrosive protection for the application in shipbuilding. 01-010839 / 017498 2019-05-29
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