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Obrt LEIDI The manufacture and repairing of components made of fiber-reinforced reaction resins 01-010812 / 017462 2019-05-11
ODISEJ Podobnost za recikliranje / uništavanje ribarskih plovila hrvatske državne pripadnosti, mase do 300 t, dužine do 40 m za plovila od čelika, aluminija, drva i stakloplastike. 01-011065 / 017651 2019-09-29
ODISEJ Field of approval: The ability for performing of welding works in shipbuilding and shipengineering for the constructions subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping 01-011958 / 018478 2019-12-17
PAKLENI OTOCI d.o.o. Manufacturing of boats made of aluminium alloys. 01-011214 / 017776 2020-01-19
PASTOR - TVA d.d. Field of approval: Manufacture of fire extinguishers for use on board ships. 01-010833 / 017458 2019-03-27
PCE Field of recognition: - Elaboration of preliminary, main and workmanship documentation for installation of electronic devices and units on floating and stationary objects - Development and elaboration of software and hardware to integrate electronic devices and units of different manufacturers and various technologies - Development and elaboration of different hardwares for wider application on floating objects (regulation units controlled by microcontrollers and microcomputer) - Development and manufacture of hardware with wider application on floating objects - Manufacture of different types of electronic devices and units in accordance with own or other documentation 03-001436 / 031130 2018-10-12
PLEPER - METAFLEX d.o.o. Field of approval: Manufacture of the elbows and reducers for ship's pipings. 02-002016 / 023544 2019-07-06
PMP NAUTIKA The manufacture of Zn- anodes for anticorrosive protection for the application in shipbuilding. 01-010839 / 017498 2019-05-29
PORAT d.o.o. Repairing of vessels made of fiber-reinforced plastic and coating wooden vessels by lining of fiberglass. 01-010908 / 017497 2019-07-22
PRESTIGE d.o.o. Repair of boats and yachts made of fiber reinforced termo setting resins 01-010458 / 023618 2018-08-27
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