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FLAMARK d.o.o. Manufacture of automatic spraying liquid fire extinguisher. 01-012719 / 019270 2022-03-25
FLAMMIFER d.o.o. Manufacturing of vessels and components made of aluminum 01-011134 / 017717 2019-11-19
FPT Manufacturing of marine diesel engines 02-002294 / 024228 2022-05-05
GULET d.o.o. Welding works in shipbuilding, for the constructions subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping. 01-013344 / 019839 2022-03-10
GUMISERVIS d.d. Manufacturing of rubber products and seals made of EPDM and Neoprene caoutchoue. 01-011732 / 017974 2020-06-14
HEMPEL d.o.o. Approval of the manufacturer 01-012732 / 019185 2022-04-29
HIDROMONT INDUSTRIJSKA MONTAŽA d.o.o. Welding works in shipbuilding, on the pipelines, on the steel constructions and equipment for the processing industry. The approval is also in accordance with the CRS Rules for the Classification of Ships, Part 26-Welding; requirements of HRN EN ISO 3834-3. 01-012963 / 019279 2021-07-23
iCat The manufacture of below listed boats of glass reinforced polyester with hand lay up and vacuum bagging technology. 1. The manufacture of recreational, commercial and public boats, yachts and ships. 2. Reparing of boats and yachts. 01-013053 / 019582 2022-10-01
IM-COMP Approval of the manufacturer for the manufacture of safety glass for the application in shipbuilding. 01-012545 / 018958 2021-11-27
IMG FIELD OF APPROVAL: Manufacture of high-pressure valves, tube fittings, plugs, lubricators, seamless steel tubes, tube bends and reductions, flanges, bolts and nuts. 02-002258 / 024081 2021-06-15
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