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MAKSTIL AD Field of approval: Production: - Normal strength hull structural steels grade CRS-A, CRS-B and CRS-D with product thicknesses up to 100 mm. - Normal strength hull structural steel grade CRS-E with product thicknesses up to 50 mm. - Higher strength hull structural steels grade CRS-A32, CRS-D32, CRS-E32, CRS-A36, CRS-D36, CRS-E36 and CRS-D40 with product thicknesses up to 50 mm. - Steels with special requirements in the direction of product thickness grade CRS-A Z35, CRS-A32 Z35 and CRS-A36 Z35 with product thicknesses up to 50 mm. 01-013857 / 0110014 2023-06-26
MAR SERVIS The manufacture, repairing and maintenance of small craft, yachts up to 24 m and other fiber reinforced plastic products and similar materials. 01-012227 / 018698 2021-06-27
MARINA HRAMINA d.o.o. Reparing craft and other products fabricated from glass reinforced polyester and similar materials. 01-013480 / 019968 2023-06-07
MARINE CLUB INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. Repairing and maintenance boats and yachts made of glass reinforced polyester. 01-012027 / 018581 2021-03-09
MARINETEK ADRIATIC d.o.o. Field of approval: Manufacture of floating pontoons and floating breakwaters. 01-012801 / 019367 2022-05-13
METAFLON d.o.o. The manufacture of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) semiproducts and products by: extrusion, sintering and machining for shaft’s bearings and other applications in shipbuilding and industry. 01-013195 / 019747 2022-09-14
METAL PRODUKT d.o.o. Welding works in production of the ship's deck equipment, for the constructions subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping. 01-013696 / 0110062 2022-07-08
MG MEHANIKA d.o.o. APPROVAL OF THE MANUFACTURER 01-013847 / 0110291 2023-12-11
MIPEK d.o.o. Welding works in shipbuilding and on metallic constructions. The approval is also in accordance with the CRS Rules for the Clasification of Ships, Part 26-Welding and requirements of HRN EN ISO 3834-4. 01-012685 / 019260 2021-03-10
MONTAŽER - SMOLA Manufacture of floating pontoons and crafts made of PEHD. 01-011671 / 018174 2020-08-03
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