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LOŠINJPLOV - BRODOGRADILIŠTE Welding works in shipbuilding, ship repair and ship engineering, for the construction subject to the survey by the Croatian Register of Shipping. The approval is also in accordance with the CRS Rules for the Classification of Ships, Part 26-Welding; requirements of HRN EN ISO 3834-4. 01-013279 / 019756 2021-09-30
M.H. INŽENJERING The manufacture of: - lifeboats/rescue boats from glass reinforced plastics and rubberised canvas. 01-012632 / 019029 2021-05-29
M.I. NAUTIKA The manufacture below listed crafts of glass reinforced polyester with hand lay up and vacuum infusion technology. 1.The manufacture recreational crafts and yachts 2.The manufacture commercial and public crafts Reparing crafts and yachts 01-011745 / 017873 2020-09-29
MAR SERVIS The manufacture, repairing and maintenance of small craft, yachts up to 24 m and other fiber reinforced plastic products and similar materials. 01-012227 / 018698 2021-06-27
MARANA d.o.o. The ability for performing of welding works in shipbuilding made of polymer materials. 01-011308 / 017801 2020-03-23
MARINE CLUB INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. Repairing and maintenance boats and yachts made of glass reinforced polyester. 01-012027 / 018581 2021-03-09
MARINETEK ADRIATIC d.o.o. Field of approval: Manufacture of floating pontoons and floating breakwaters. 01-012801 / 019367 2022-05-13
MERK & MERK JAHTE SERVIS TRIBUNJ d.o.o. Repairing and maintenance boats and yachts made of glass reinforced polyester. 01-011428 / 017987 2020-05-18
METAFLON d.o.o. The manufacture of polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) semiproducts and products by: extrusion, sintering and machining for shaft’s bearings and other applications in shipbuilding and industry. 01-013195 / 019747 2022-09-14
MG MEHANIKA d.o.o. Proizvodnja i popravak plovila i drugih proizvoda od staklom ojačanog poliestera i sličnih materijala. 01-011128 / 017727 2019-11-19
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