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PELIG d.o.o. Annual performance testing of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) 03-001520 / 031228 2020-04-27
PELIG d.o.o. Servicing and testing of radio communication equipment. 03-001521 / 031228 2020-04-27
PLAMEN BAUK d.o.o. Survey and maintenance of fire extinguishers on board ships. 01-011880 / 018328 2020-10-31
PODVODNI RADOVI In-water visual inspection of ships with video recording using diving techniques and ROV Underwater cleaning of ship’s hull, rudder blades, propellers and sea water inlets 02-002050 / 023798 2019-08-03
Poljomar d.o.o. Maintenance, repair and installation of machinery and appliances. 02-002035 / 023796 2019-08-03
PRESTIGE d.o.o. FIELD OF APPROVAL: Service, repair, installation and diagnosis of ship engines, power up to 1000 kW 02-001722 / 023618 2018-08-27
PROAUTOMATIKA Design, installation, inspection and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems and refrigerating units on ships and on fixed offshore platforms. 02-001942 / 023665 2018-10-30
PROIZD - Underwater inspections and repairs of ships, offshore mobile and fixed installations for undersea exploration, and floating structures - Polishing and cleaning of propellers, hulls, rudder blades and sea water inlets 02-002211 / 023940 2021-03-02
PROM - D.O.O.METKOVIĆ Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers on board ships. 01-012438 / 018968 2021-09-07
PROTECTION d.o.o. Field of approval: Survey and maintenance of fire extinguishers on board ships 01-010869 / 017503 2019-05-11
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