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SAFETY SERVICE D.O.O. Survey and maintenance of inflatable liferafts and marine evacuations systems. Survey and maintenance of hydrostatic release units. 01-011873 / 018405 2020-12-05
Securitas d.o.o. Inspection and maintenance of fire detection systems on board ships. Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems on board ships.* * Service supplier is approved for survey and maintenance of the following fire extinguishing systems: - gas systems (carbon dioxide; inergen; FM 200); - aerosol; - water systems (sprinkler; drenching; fire main). 01-011970 / 018437 2020-12-11
Servis Pavić Installation and maintenance of marine machinery and appliances. 02-001977 / 023693 2018-12-28
Seven Seas Electronic Co., Ltd Field of approval: Annual performance testing of Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) 03-001593 / 031304 2021-08-28
Seven Seas Electronic Co., Ltd Field of approval: Servicing and testing of radio communication equipment (GMDSS) and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) 03-001594 / 031304 2021-08-28
Sladorana d.o.o. FIELD OF APPROVAL: Determination of verified gross mass of a packed container using the Method 2 in accordance with Convention SOLAS 74, Chapter VI, Regulation 2.4.2 and MSC.1/Circ.1475. 01-011559 / 018074 2019-06-27
SPLAV d.o.o. Field of approval: Survey and maintenance of fire extinguishers on board ships. Survey and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems on board ships. * 01-011314 / 017877 2020-04-02
STIJEG j.d.o.o. - In-water survey of ship’s hull - Underwater maintenance and repair of ship’s hull - Survey of the seabed area in the zone below the ships 02-002372 / 024341 2022-05-10
STSI for the testing, repair and adjustment of safety valves for the survey and testing of pressure vessels for testing and calibration of manometers and thermometers 02-002057 / 023820 2019-11-17
STSI - d.o.o. Field of approval: Thickness measurement of off-shore objects and hull structures.. 01-012064 / 018556 2020-04-02
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