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EDINA d.o.o. SERVICES ON THE FIXED OFF-SHORE PLATFORMS Services include maintenance, overview, measurements, check and calibration of the following systems: • current loop fault impedance, • current loop insulation resistance, • general condition and functional check of the foto-voltaic panels and AKU batteries charging regulation check, • inspection of power cables 380 V for crane and lighting supply, • continuity inspection of protection line and equal potential line, • current protection switches check (RCDs), • equipment and installations in hazardous zone (visual, control and detailed inspection), • pressure switches, • pressure transmitters, • manometers according to working parameters (visual control), • level switches, • dew point, • complete measuring-regulation equipment, • detection and signalisation equipment and systems. 03-001377 / 031053 2017-10-09
EL EX Field of approval: Survey and maintenance of fire extinguishers on board ships. 01-010738 / 017367 2019-03-24
ELEKTRO STRABEŽNIK d.o.o. SERVICES ON SHIPS: - Installation, testing and maintenance of electrical equipment, systems and machinery, including explosion proof equipment, - Measurement of insulation resistance (megatest) and earth fault loop resistance as well as adjustment of electric motor overcurrent protection. 03-001431 / 031119 2018-09-03
Elektroinstalacijski obrt "ADRIATIC" - Electrical installation and repairs on ships, - Electrical installation control, insulation resistance measurements – megatest. 03-001453 / 031142 2019-02-22
ELEKTRON ERMA-STRMEC Field of approval: Repairs of ship's electronic products, devices and equipment. 03-001406 / 031087 2018-04-11
ELKRON - Insulation resistance measurement of electrical installations 03-001378 / 031058 2017-10-10
ELKRON Service supplier for: - Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers on board ships. - Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishing systems on board ships. - Inspection and maintenance of fire detection systems on board ships. 01-012406 / 018877 2021-07-31
Emerson d.o.o. FIELD OF APPROVAL: Determination of verified gross mass of a packed container using the Method 2 in accordance with Convention SOLAS 74, Chapter VI, Regulation 2.4.2 and MSC.1/Circ.1475. 01-011783 / 018205 2019-10-21
ENIA D.O.O. - Ship's electrical and electronic equipment servicing, maintenance and repair - Electrical measurements and electrical installations testing - Ship's telephone exchange and automation systems testing and servicing - Electrical switching devices servicing - Ship's measuring, alarm and control systems servicing - Electronic system programming - Temperature, pressure, level and gas sensors testing and adjustment - Fire detection systems testing and servicing - Insulation resistance measuring (megatest) 03-001381 / 031063 2017-11-10
ESCOMM Field of approval: ANNUAL PERFORMANCE TESTING OF VOYAGE DATA RECORDERS (VDR) 03-001461 / 031169 2019-05-24
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