Published: 16. 2. 2024.

CRS has opened a new office in Constanta

CRS, in accordance with its business policy, is expanding its network of offices around the world. Last year's 20% growth in the maritime fleet of ships and a slightly higher inland fleet increased the volume of business in Romania. As a result, CRS decided to open an office in Constanta to provide the best possible service to its clients. Port of Constanta is the largest port on the Black Sea and one of the largest ports in Europe. Romania has many factories producing materials and equipment for the marine industry, which in also in focus. CRS plans to increase the number of sea and inland vessels in their fleet, with special focus on the Romanian and Ukrainian markets, which we hope will soon be free from the war activities.

Information about the office and contacts:


Strada Callatis, 7  Constanta, 900663, Romania

M: +40 73 934 76 56