Type approval for materials and components

Type approval for materials and components

Certain machinery, installations, devices, equipment, arrangements and it's certain parts, as well as materials  (hereafter called: the products) which are subjected to the supervision of the Register, are to be in accordance with the requirements of the Rules and approved by the Register.

Type approval means an approval process for verifying compliance with the Rules of a product, a group of products or a system, and considered by the Register as a representative of continuous production.

TA may be used as an alternative to a "case by case" approval when the product is intended for vessels classed with the Register. For certain products, as defined in the applicable parts of the Rules, TA is a mandatory procedure for confirming compliance with the Rules.

Type approval of products comprises: 

  1.  Approval of technical documentation according to the requirements of the Rules and other standards. 
  2. Satisfactory completion of the required type tests according to approved testing program.

Type approval is valid for all the units identical to the prototype subsequently manufactured under the same technology and standards.

For every product intended to be type approved, written application for type approval and following documentation is to be submitted to the Register: 

  1. Product identification, with product title, type mark, catalogue number or construction number and manufacturer's title. 
  2. Technical description of the product. 
  3. Relevant calculations, drawings and operation scheme. 
  4. List of materials used, including chemical and mechanical properties. 
  5. Field of application. 
  6. Boundary work conditions. 
  7. Technology and standards applied. 
  8. Other particulars as deemed necessary by the manufacturer.

Upon approval of the documentation and satisfactory completion of the required type tests the Register may issue to the manufacturers a Type approval certificate. The validity of the Type approval certificate is usually four years, except when the product features stipulate different period of validity as stated in the Type approval certificate. 

The Type approval certificate validity will be renewed with a condition that all the relevant factors significant for type approval remain unchanged and that the repeated type tests (if so required by the Register) are carried out to the satisfaction of the Register.

For certain products under the type approval program where approval of the final product is required an agreement for maintaining quality assurance system may represent an alternative certification process. Said agreement is a formal written agreement between the manufacturer and the Register regarding application of an alternative product certification scheme. Approval of manufacturer is a prerequisite for establishmnent of an alternative certification sheme.